Cladding and Fascia Washdowns
Treatment of external façades to remove staining including :
  • K Render
  • Render
  • Fascias
  • Brickwork
  • Stonework
  • Wood
  • Copings
  • Cladding & Roof Areas
Lasting up to six times longer than power washing, our cleaning chemicals are specifcally formulated for soft washing buildings and targeting infestations and stains at the source.

Solution blended in our Blend Extra Rinse truck mounted system for correct levels of detergents and delivery of cleaning solution.

Detergents are delivered to break down bacteria, mould, algae, infestations and staining to ensure façade is cleansed and left not only clean but protected from future staining.

Softwashing is completed using CIS specialist truck mounted system, to access areas up to 90ft high. Delivery is at an equivalent pressure to a garden tap, eliminating risk of damage or ingress.

Results last 6 times longer than pressure washing and use ⅓rd of the water.

CIS Softwashing uses water based, biodegradable chemicals to strip the surface to its basic element, emulsify contaminants, returning the façade to its original colour and leaving a protective buffer.

For enquiries about the specialist cleansing of your building façade please call CIS today on 0800 108 8020. We will be happy to complete a FREE OF CHARGE trial for you on your site removing staining, saving the costs of re painting and decoration.

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